Australia's small but mighty Capital, it has been over a decade since Canberra last hosted a leg of the Lexus Melbourne Cup Tour. 

Wednesday 6 September

What happened in Canberra

The People’s Cup began its tour of Canberra visiting Pegasus Riding school for the disabled where the students and volunteers had the opportunity to get up close with the iconic trophy.

The Cup continued on, attending a function at Canberra Southern Cross Club Woden where guests heard from racing legend Des Gleeson as he shared his favourite Lexus Melbourne Cup memories.

The Cup also attended an event at Kimo Estate to celebrate the long racing history of the property before heading to an afternoon tea hosted by Racing and Sports. The Lexus Melbourne Cup trophy then journeyed to The Dock where it was met by 150 runners about to commence the Run 4 a Reason charity run.

The lucky winners had the opportunity to have their photo taken with the iconic trophy. The Cup finished its tour of Canberra with a Racing and Sports Trivia night held by The Dock in an event to celebrate racing.