This Members Handbook outlines the simple but necessary rules and regulations of being a member of the VRC.

Members are the heart and soul of the VRC, and we want to ensure everyone gets maximum value from their membership. Understanding the Club’s standards, rules and regulations helps to ensure that happens.

Misuse of Membership Cards

Please remember that every Membership Cards is strictly non-transferable. We do frequently conduct random audit checks within the Members’ Enclosure on race days.

The misuse of a Membership Card is a serious breach of Club rules. Offenders will be referred to the VRC Disciplinary Committee which could result in suspension or loss of Membership privileges.


Members are urged to respect others within the Members Enclosure by not using offensive or discriminatory language, or indulging in any kind of unseemly or anti-social behaviour.

Any behaviour deemed unacceptable will be referred to the VRC Disciplinary Committee for action. Unseemly behaviour may also result in the offender being escorted from the racecourse.

Members are reminded that they are responsible for the behaviour of the guests they introduce into the Members’ Enclosure, including the Members’ Reserved Car Park Enclosures.

Designated Smoking Areas

As an extension of the Victorian Government’s Tobacco Act, the VRC has designated smoking areas across course. These areas have been determined with the strict legislation in mind and are denoted by clear signage.

The Club Stand is a no smoking zone. Members wishing to smoke can head to the designated smoking area in the Public Betting Ring. Members are also welcome to utilise the designated smoking area on the Front Lawn. The Grandstand is a no smoking zone. Members wishing to smoke can head to the designated smoking area on Hill Square (outside The Hill Stand).

At all times, we ask that you maintain 1.5m distance from others, including staff.

BYO Food

BYO food is not permitted anywhere in The Club Stand, except for on the Members Lawn and the Members Betting Ring. BYO food is permitted in all venues in The Grandstand, except Atrium Dining.

Furniture Movement

Each venue within The Club Stand and The Grandstand has been pre-set to accommodate member preferences and a range of popular group and table sizes.

The movement of tables is not permitted for the below reasons:

  • impact on customer service flow
  • customer circulation to access amenities

Within reason chairs may be moved unless the movement impacts any of the above 2 points.

Liquor license rules

Members and their guests must observe the Liquor Licensing Regulations in place at Flemington Racecourse. The VRC and its caterers follow guidelines for Responsible Service of Alcohol.

By law, staff members must not serve any alcoholic beverages to guests under the age of 18, or to guests deemed to be in a state of intoxication.

In addition to any action taken by police, disciplinary action will be taken by the VRC Disciplinary Committee against Members and/or guests who are in breach of the Liquor Licensing Regulations applicable to Flemington Racecourse.

Children in the Members Enclosure

On racedays, neatly dressed children up to 11 years old may be admitted to the Members’ Enclosure free of charge and without ticketing provided they are accompanied by a parent or guardian.

While in the Members' Enclosure, children aged 12-17 must hold either:

  • A valid Guest Card
  • A Junior Members Card
  • Or a Members Enclosure Daily Guest Pass.

Children will not be admitted to the ‘Members Only’ areas and must be supervised at all times.

Children on Stakes Day

A Junior Members Enclosure Daily Guest Pass will be made available for parents to purchase for children at the Raceday & Ticketing Office on Seppelt Wines Stakes Day at a concession rate.

Note: This privilege is not available during the first three race days of the Melbourne Cup Carnival.

A limit of four Junior Members Enclosure Daily Guest Passes per Member applies.

Children's dress regulations

Children 12 years and older are required to follow the same dress regulations as that of an adult.