2021 Annual General Meeting Announcement

23 November 2021 Written by VRC

The Annual General Meeting of members of the Victoria Racing Club (VRC) will be held on Wednesday 15 December 2021 at 3.00pm.

Due to the uncertainty of continuing developments in relation to the COVID‐19 situation and public health concerns at the time of scheduling, this year the VRC AGM will be held as a virtual meeting.

All financial Full and Life members are invited to attend the AGM, the details of which will be provided directly to members via our authorised AGM partner CorpVote.

This year three VRC directors whose terms expire at the conclusion of this year’s AGM have offered themselves up for re-election.

These directors, Michael Ramsden, Sophie Cornell and Neil Werrett, will be re-elected without ballot in accordance with the VRC’s constitution.

The only formal business to be put to a vote at the AGM will be the proposed changes to the VRC’s constitution.

The Club’s constitution is reviewed at regular intervals – generally every three to five years – to ensure its continued effectiveness and to address any issues identified by members or the board.

At last year’s AGM it was foreshadowed that a governance review would be conducted to ensure the right framework and principles are in place.

The board has subsequently reviewed the VRC’s governance and the changes proposed at this year’s meeting are designed to address current legal requirements, contemporary practice and technology and matters of governance policy considered by the board to be in the best interests of the club and its members.

In addition to the proposed changes to the constitution, the VRC’s commitment to strong governance will be supported by a new VRC Board Charter which is currently being finalised for implementation. 

All the detail regarding the amendments to the constitution will be supplied to eligible voting members via CorpVote and can also be found here.

Members are able to vote during the AGM via the online voting portal.

If members wish to appoint a proxy and vote prior to the meeting, they should lodge their proxy form by referring to the 'Vote Now' email sent by CorpVote, by post or email.

The proxy must be a member of the VRC and for the proxy vote to be effective it must be received by 3:00pm AEDT Monday, 13 December 2021.

If members have any queries regarding the voting process, please contact the CorpVote support line on 1300 147 797 or

The club again invites eligible members to submit questions in advance to be addressed during question time at the AGM.

Members who have a question to ask should email together with their member name and number.

The VRC will aim to answer as many questions as possible during the time allotted, giving priority to those most frequently asked.

For complete details, please visit the VRC AGM webpage at‐general‐meeting.