Kentucky Bluegrass is nature’s champion at Flemington

25 March 2024 Written by VRC

At Flemington Racecourse, the lush turf isn’t just for aesthetics – it’s a crucial component of the racing experience. Among the varieties of grass that carpet the track, Kentucky bluegrass plays a pivotal role, comprising 30% of the turf alongside perennial rye grass. According to track manager Liam O’Keeffe, Kentucky bluegrass is a key player in maintaining the track’s integrity.

Kentucky bluegrass was introduced to Flemington 15 years ago when its predecessor, kikuyu, was underperforming. Renowned for its low-creeping nature and cool-season adaptability, Kentucky bluegrass seamlessly intertwines with the turf, creating a cohesive surface for racing. Its deep green colour adds to the visual appeal of the track, while its self-repairing properties work wonders in remedying divots left behind by the racehorses.

The track’s maintenance team reseeds the track three times annually – in March, August, and November, ensuring it performs optimally all year round.

With its resilience, aesthetic appeal, and practical benefits, it’s no wonder this grass variety has become a staple at Australia's premier racetrack, ensuring an excellent racing experience for participants and spectators alike.