New trophies capture the Spirit of the ANZACs

26 April 2022 Written by VRC

A sports trophy is a tangible and sentimental memento of sacrifice, courage and excellence.

ANZAC Day is our national day of remembrance commemorating Australians and New Zealanders who served in all wars, conflicts and peacekeeping operations. The date recalls the landing of troops at Gallipoli 107 years ago. 

In 1960, Victorian legislation allowed the VRC to conduct races on ANZAC Day under strict conditions.

Victoria Racing Club Chairman, Neil Wilson, said: “The Club is extremely proud to hold this day of significance for all Australians, and each year we are honoured to pay tribute in a meaningful and lasting manner.  My father participated in World War II, and I have always felt a sense of pride and special occasion on ANZAC Day.”

The VRC, together with Peter Gertler, expert craftsman in gold and silversmith, produced trophies that symbolise the importance of this day. This commission to produce a fitting series of trophies and mementos to pay tribute to the bravery of our service women and men and our equine war heroes is now captured in the trophies awarded to connections of the winning horse of each race.”

The winners of the two Listed races, the ANZAC Stakes and the VRC St Leger, received a silver cup with the image of a Light Horseman and a horse. The other race winners received a silver plated trophy with Light Horseman, horse and poppies.

This year’s recipients of the ANZAC trophies and mementos took home a piece that not only honours the talents of the horse, trainer and jockey, but also our brave Australian troops.