Super impressive

7 December 2021 Written by Living Legends

The racing world lost another equine legend in 2021, with the passing of Super Impressive in June.

Super Impressive was a journeyman racehorse. He had 11 victories from 50 lifetime starts, including two Standish Handicaps at Flemington.

In life after racing, Super complete a decade-long stellar career in the Victorian Police Mounted Branch. During his early days there, his trainer described him as, “Without a doubt my heart horse. He arrived at the Mounted Branch and quickly became one of my best friends.”

“Friendly and kind” best describe Super in his life after life after racing at Living Legends. He was a gentle giant, a crowd-pleaser, a people’s horse, and a children’s horse.

Super was in many ways the epitome of Living Legends’ role to nurture the deep connection between people and horses. This was especially the case for people who were a little nervous around horses and needed to gain confidence, such as school children on excursions, or senior visitors and wheelchair users. Super’s gentle ways would always win them over.

Super was an inaugural member of the Legends Under saddle Program and Learning with Legends team. He was a go-to horse for less experienced veterinary students on placement when we wanted to hone their horse handling skills.

For Super it was a life lived to its fullest. He brought so much joy to all he met at Living Legends and was pivotal in establishing its community work through Legends Under Saddle, its Young Riders and its Learning with Legends programs.