Equine welfare always has and always will be paramount to the VRC. The safety of the horses, along with all racing participants and racegoers, is our absolute number one priority.

The VRC and the broader racing community continues to make significant investments in research and technology to advance safety and reductions in injuries in training and races. For example, in 2021 we worked in conjunction with Racing Victoria to announce 41 new measures for the Spring Racing Carnival and the Lexus Melbourne Cup, including some of the world’s most stringent pre-travel and pre-race veterinary screening processes. These have been revised and extended for 2022 and will continue to be reviewed to ensure that Victoria sets the global bar for safety in horse racing.

The VRC Equine Wellbeing Fund supports and enables several initiatives to help ensure the continued wellbeing of racehorses across all stages of their lives. A significant percentage of public ticket sales and VRC annual membership fees have been redirected to the Fund for the care of racehorses. Ongoing contributions enable the Club to continue to provide a world-class experience for all equine athletes and ensure that the VRC is recognised globally as one of the leading race clubs in this regard.

We use our Equine Wellbeing Fund to support retired racehorses through organisations such as Living Legends, Riding for the Disabled and Racing Hearts, as well as keeping our facilities at world-leading standards for racing and training. The VRC also works with respected equestrian riders such as Olympian Amanda Ross and Paralympian Emma Booth who are proud advocates for off the track thoroughbreds.

Equine welfare initiatives

The Victoria Racing Club (VRC) prioritises the health and welfare of all horses at Flemington.

Alongside the industry’s governing body, Racing Victoria, the VRC aims to ensure that good welfare outcomes are achieved for thoroughbreds before, during and after racing.

Take a look at the measures put in place by the VRC and the broader industry to uphold the highest standards of health and safety for horses training and competing at Flemington.

Off The Track Program

The Off the Track program by Racing Victoria aims to facilitate the placement of retired thoroughbred racehorses in second careers by promoting the network of Racing Victoria Acknowledged Retrainers across the state, driving demand for the breed as performance and pleasure horses and educating the community about the various life after racing options, versatility of use, and the appropriate care and retraining of the thoroughbred.