Flemington five - Best Australian Cups

25 March 2024 Written by VRC

The Australian Cup boasts a rich history dating back to 1863, just eighteen months after the inaugural Melbourne Cup. From its inception, the race has attracted elite competitors, with early winners including Dulcify, Barwon, Tim Whiffler, Nimblefoot, Warrior, and Malua. The race has always provided thrilling contests, making it a highlight of the autumn racing calendar. We recall five of the best editions of the race here.


Best jockey rides 

The best jockey rides embody skill, determination and courage.  Whether showcasing strategic prowess, atleticism, or quick decision-making , these five rides epitomise excellence on the track. 

Episode 5

Come from behind wins

Racing is full of thrills, but there is nothing like witnessing a horse appear from the back of the field to snatch victory in the final moments. We count down our Flemington Five come-from-behind wins.

Episode 6

Best Newmarket Handicap

Since 1874, the Newmarket Handicap down Flemington's iconic Straight Six course has been the ultimate sprinting showdown. A race rich in history, it never fails to excite. From Black Caviar’s legendary four-length victory for her perfect 10 in 2011, to the nail-biting blanket finish that crowned Rubitano the victor in 2002, here are five moments that set hearts racing.

Episode 3

Best photo finishes

With victory or defeat hanging on mere fractions of a second or just one pixel, photo finishes embody the drama of the track. They capture the intense competition, showcasing the determined efforts of both horse and rider in their pursuit of success. Here are five of the most nail-biting photo finishes in Flemington’s history.

Episode 4

Best Australian Guineas

A  top-tier race for three-year-olds, the Australian Guineas is a key event for young horses. Beginning in 1986 as a Group 3 race, it quickly rose to Group 1 status in 1987 and has stayed there since. While it briefly changed to 2000m between 1998 and 2000, it has mainly been run over the mile distance. The million-dollar race has provided many thrilling finishes and memorable victories throughout its history, and we look at five of the best here.

Episode 1

Front running Rides

Few things in horse racing are as exhilarating as witnessing a front-running ride. Spectators hold their breath, wondering if the early leader can sustain their position until the end. This requires a balance of athleticism, strategy and pacing from both horse and rider as they make split-second decisions and coordinated moves. 

Here, we count down five of the most captivating and impressive Flemington front-running rides.

Episode 2

Best ever race calls

From the iconic lines to the heart-pounding crescendo of the final 100 metres, some race calls etch themselves into memory. These calls capture the race’s spirit and raw emotion, enhancing the spectacle and leaving a mark on listeners and witnesses. More than just commentary, they become part of the race's legacy, evoking exhilaration and nostalgia for years to come.