Cloncurry, QLD

Cloncurry, QLD

Home to the Flying Doctor Service Museum, Cloncurry is a major junction centre for towns such as Townsville, The Gulf, Winton, Longreach and Mt Isa. A rejuvenated raceclub as well.

VRC Ambassador At Large Joe Mcgrath On The Lexus Melbourne Cup Tour With Robert Hickmott

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Next stop, Cloncurry. The VRC team and Lexus Melbourne Cup made their way to the Cloncurry State school. VRC representative spoke regarding the 2022 Lexus Melbourne Cup Tour, the trophy and its meaning to Australasia and the Melbourne Cup Carnival. Then, Sheila Laxon conducts a Q&A with students and teachers about her Melbourne Cup experience. The tour party then made its way to St Joseph’s Catholic School Assembly, Cloncurry C&K Kindergarten and Ernest Henry Mine before concluding the day at Gidgee Inn.