Get that winning feeling - just for being a VRC member.


The VRC Member Stakes is your chance to WIN big and it continues for every race day for the 2021/22 racing season! Get that winning feeling by joining our thrilling new competition today, and get ready to be showered in glory if your horse wins!

Registering takes just a few seconds and is completely free. Simply register once online, and if your name is drawn and your horse wins their race, you win too. How easy is that?

The VRC Member Stakes gives all eligible members an opportunity to have a stake in each race meeting at Flemington. Just imagine the smiles all around when your horse dashes past the Winning Post, and you see your name on the superscreen as the winner.

Along with bragging rights amongst your friends and the chance to celebrate your good fortune (for doing next to nothing!), every winner of every race will also enjoy a $200 VRC cash-on-card credit for use on course at food and beverage outlets.

How it works

  • Members only need to register once — online and completely free. If you have registered during the 2020/21 racing season, you will remain eligible for the entire 2021/22 racing season!
  • Members who have registered to be in the competition will go into a random draw prior to each Flemington race meeting. Registrations for each Saturday race meeting will close on 12:00pm Wednesday prior and will close at 12:00pm two days before each non-Saturday race meeting.
  • The draw will allocate each horse in an individual race with a randomly drawn member.
  • To see if you have been allocated a horse each race week, keep an eye out for our new race week communiqué and click through to this page. Winning members will be contacted by the VRC and their names will be published below.
  • Prizes will be issued in the week following the race meeting.
  • Unfortunately there will be no substitutes for scratching’s.

Don’t wait to join in on the excitement — register today!

If you thought Flemington races couldn’t be any more exciting, think again. The VRC Member Stakes gives you even more reason to make your way to Flemington (or tune in) every race day, and cheer on ‘your’ very own winning thoroughbred! Get started by registering now.

See terms and conditions (PDF) here.


2021/2022 Racing Season winners

2021/2022 Racing Season winners

 Race  Winner  Horse name
 1  Simon Leong  Grand Promenade
 2  Kristin Spillane  Snickerdoodledandy
 3  Bernard Tippins  Mr Tipla
 4  Maria Vartto  Argentina
 5  Ian Riley  Yulong January
 6   Sean Lawless  Foxy Frida
 7  Graham O'Callaghan  Namakwa
 8   Gregory Thomspon  Curran
 9  Craig Siczak  Lunar Flare


 Race  Winner  Horse name
 1  David Thompson  Standoff
 2  Michael Archbold  Mongolian Marshal
 3  Colin Young  Blushing Tycoon
 4  Andrew Game  Heart Of Puissance
 5  William Capell  Modear
 6   Paul Eliades  All Of Brighton
 7  Kenneth Young  Horrifying
 8   John Olle  Romancer
 9  Bernard Edmonds  Don't Doubt Dory


 Race  Winner  Horse name
 1  Anthony Quigley  Mimosas
 2  Gillian Martin  Cakewalk Baby
 3  Jeanette Banner  Rock Prophet
 4  Ian Purdey  Declares War
 5  Elizabeth Waters  Bons Abroad
 6   Nathan Klymenko  Realm of Flowers
 7  Sean Hannan  Summaroca (NZ)
 8   James Forrest  Yulong January
 9 Anthony O'Sullivan Vegas Knight


 Race  Winner  Horse name
 1  Steven Blackford  Amade
 2  William Threadgold  Good and Proper
 3  Kelly Banks  Sartorial Splendor
 4  Sandra Hall  Three Kings
 5  David Krew  Real Sensation
 6   Bernard Edmonds  Through Irish Eyes
 7  Lauren Jones  Vassilator
 8   Gerard Tyndall  Our Lone Star


 Race  Winner  Horse name
 1  Maryrose Tiernan  Tycoon Humma
 2  Gregory Chapman  Mosh Music
 3  Maryanne Cummins  Morvada
 4  Louise O’Sullivan  Subedar
 5  Lucas Young  Fabergino
 6   Brenda Hateley  Star of the Seas
 7  Roslyn Kelly  Lunar Fox
 8   Josh Silk  Capriccio
 9   Craig Moses  Chaillot


 Race  Winner  Horse name
 1  Mark Salvadori  La Rocque
 2  Benn Ward  Cumberbatch
 3  Ben Mologousis  So Si Bon
 4  Robert Kerr  Lightsaber
 5  Sue-Ellen Briggs  Marboosha
 6   Anthony Gwynne  Zoutori
 7  Mathew Sitch  Sovereign Award
 8   Sathyan Saranathan  Homesman
 9   Simon Gleeson  Starelle